Meet the Team

Founder Jan Lohse

Jan Lohse

Business Administration, University of Passau

Jan Lohse previously worked as a marketing and sales consultant for five years in Spain and Germany. As an entrepreneur, he built his own e-commerce business. The innovative power of the idea convinced him at once. When will he finally learn to climb?

At AUROCO he takes care of the business tasks: everything from purchasing and finance up to the marketing and sales strategy.

Florian Widmesser

Florian Widmesser

Mechatronics Engineer, University of Applied Sciences Regensburg

Florian Widmesser is a passionate climber and an enthusiastic engineer. He has been developing and designing our product from scratch and can assemble it with his eyes closed by now. When he gets out of the laboratory, you can find him on the climbing wall or preferably in the Alps.

At AUROCO he takes care of the technical tasks: everything from development and design up to production.